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What’s Next for Windy City Bloggers

The Windy City Blogger Collective is growing and it is an exciting time to be a member. There are the traditional ways to get involved [Friday Five Posts, Instagram Hacks, Happy Hours, Exclusive Events, Meet the Member Profiles, #WCBCChats] and we are adding new ones all the time. The newest member perk is our Members […]

how to write an effective blog post

How to Write an Effective Blog Post

So you want to know how to write an effective blog post? Sadly, there’s no magic formula but there are a few guidelines that can help gravitate readers to your content. I know it’s easy to want to write about whatever comes to mind but it’s important to go in with a plan when writing. You […]


Friday Five from Brazen Gourmand

I trust by now everyone has awoken from their holiday-induced food comas and are back to the grind so I’m hoping today’s post brightens up any of those post-holiday blues. My name is Caroline Taft and I am the “culinary creative” behind The Brazen Gourmand blog, food photography service and dining and travel Instagram @TheBrazenGourmand. Today I’m excited to share 5 of my favorite posts from other local Chicagoland Area bloggers.



How to Win at Pinterest

Bloggers at WCBC repeatedly ask about what they can do to improve their blogs. One thing Kit and I talk about is the importance of using every platform to reach as many people as possible. More specifically, we talk a great deal of the importance in establishing a presence on Pinterest. Many new bloggers aren’t […]