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  • December 15, 2014

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Sometimes half the battle is knowing what questions you need to ask. Especially when we start out as bloggers many of us don’t know up from down when it comes to this industry. But as we continue to blog we continue to learn and we amass this “Google MBA” of sorts. I’ve learned SO much just by Googling things. But, what if you don’t know the difference between a widget and a plug-in or a handle v. a mention*? Luckily people have created blogger resource lists for you and today WCBC has rounded up a few of our favorites.

While I’m the first to admit that I have 200 unread** emails in my inbox I am still signing up for people’s email lists to get their resources or guides. And then every week or month I get a new tidbit from these folks which only continues my learning! Here are my top Subscribe for Info Resources:
– Jessie Artigue of Pitchplate Consulting
– Erin Bassett’s Blogging Digest
– Lisa Butler of Elembee
– Jess Lively of With Intention

So now that you’ve got 4 more emails hitting your inbox let’s look at a few websites you should bookmark just for tips and articles that are helpful but only when you’re out looking for it.
The Windy City Blogger Collective’s LEARN category (duh)
The B Bar Blog (they’ve also got stacks of ebooks on blogging)
The Blog Stylist (I especially love the Glossary)

What are some of your favorite resources? Have you created blog advice content on your own site? If you have send the link our way and we’ll link to it! (Hint… The Collective/Erin and Amy our Intern are working to build out our own resource lists.)

*widget – A tool or content you can add to your blog’s sidebar, such as a calendar, list of pages or archives menu.
*plug-in – In WordPress, a plugin is folder of files added to the blog in order to give it extra functionality or features.
*handle – Your social media username
*mention – When someone uses your social media handle to “tag” you in a post
**I’ve read them all but I then mark them as unread to help me prioritize them… I need an assistant!

photo via Eliza Zamora of Lovely Addictions for Windy City Bloggers