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How to Win at Pinterest

Bloggers at WCBC repeatedly ask about what they can do to improve their blogs. One thing Kit and I talk about is the importance of using every platform to reach as many people as possible. More specifically, we talk a great deal of the importance in establishing a presence on Pinterest. Many new bloggers aren’t […]

WCBC Blogging Tips: Facebook

WCBC Blogging Tips: Facebook

  Here at WCBC we want to give you as many resources as possible to help you reach your maximum blogging potential. Recently we went through and gathered past articles that aid in increasing viewership on social media. This week’s focus: Facebook. If tapped into correctly, you will see a significant return on your blog. […]

How to Use Pinterest's Group Boards to Increase Exposure, Pinterest for Bloggers, How to Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic

How To Use Pinterest’s Group Boards

Pinterest can be a blogger’s best friend. It is the most “clickable” social media platform and it is easy for posts to go viral. But it can be hard to build a following for your own account so how do you get your content seen? Group Boards. There are group boards for almost everything and […]

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#WCBCChat Winning @ Instagram

One of the post popular social media outlets is Instagram, hands down. It has taken the aspects of “sharing your photos” to the next level. We started our Twitter chat “Winning @ Instagram” with asking our members how often (truthfully!!!) they spent on Instagram everyday. Below you’ll find some of their honest answers on whether […]

How to Take Better iPhone Photos, Instagram for Bloggers, iPhone Photography Tips

How to Take Better iPhone Photos

Yesterday, we learned what to do with high-quality photos to grow your Instagram following but let’s take it a step back and dissect how to take better iPhone photos for your Instagram feed. Use the Built In Camera – not an app Apps often shrink the storage size of the image by eliminating detail. So […]


How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. And now that it is owned by Facebook we can expect some changes to our beloved feeds (think, predicting what you want to see, hiding poor posts based on engagement, more ads). But these changes haven’t been confirmed so until we know exactly what Instagram plans to […]


#WCBCChat Recap- Winning @ Facebook

Facebook. It has been around forever. Many people may have their own “personal” profiles. However, when it comes to blogging, having your own website or having your own company- it is useful to create a Facebook Page. A page works a tad bit differently than a profile. Thankfully, we had our amazing members educate and […]

Facebook ads for bloggers, Facebook Ads Explained, How to create a Facebook Ad for your Blog

Facebook Ads for Bloggers

We’ve all heard it – Facebook is now Pay to Play. And while there are a lot of things you can do to increase your organic reach on Facebook investing in a Facebook Ad Campaign can help achieve results quickly. But Facebook ads for bloggers involve several decisions and monitoring if you really want your […]

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook, Facebook for Bloggers, How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

In our #WCBCChat last night we talked a lot about scheduling posts to share on Facebook. As we learned in yesterday’s post it is best to schedule them directly through Facebook instead of using a 3rd party scheduling tool. And the good news is that Facebook makes it easy to schedule posts to your blog’s […]