Q: I want to join but why does it cost money?

A: Our annual dues help to cover the costs of running the website and other administrative fees. Paying for membership also ensures that our members are going to be actively involved in the collective!

Q: I don’t live in Chicagoland, can I still join?

A: We encourage you to still apply. Why? WCBC is always growing and expanding and if we feel like we’re needed in your community we’ll work on starting a community there too. In the meantime you should bookmark the website and participate in our Twitter Chat #WCBCChat Mondays at 7pm Central!

Q: Two (or more) of us run one blog, do we each need to join individually?

A: Yes. WCBC is a professional organization and we design our events and campaigns on a member level. We definitely encourage teamwork and collaboration but to make the most of WCBC you each need to join.

Q: Is WCBC Membership Tax Deductible?

A: Good question! We like where your head’s at! And, yes, Membership to The Windy City Blogger Collective LLC is considered Professional Development which the IRS lets you deduct from your business taxes at the end of the year. Run it past your accountant to be sure!

Q: I run a business, can I join so I can work with bloggers in the collective?

A: No, sorry. But WCBC coordinates sponsored content and sponsored social media campaigns for our business partners. If you want to learn more about working with WCBC and our members on a sponsored campaign contact us (email info@windycitybloggers.com)!

Q: Is The Windy City Blogger Collective your full time job?

A: Yes & No. Erin works on the website content and spearheads sponsored content campaigns with brands. Kit organizes all of our events. Erin spends the rest of her time on her accessory business and Kit spends the rest of her time creating content for TheKittchen.com