Johanna // 101 Things I Love


Johanna is the blogger behind 101 Things I Love

In 2 or 3 sentences please describe your blog.

Obsessed with my two baby girls…I’m a high heeled working mom that adores the city of Chicago, blogging, fashion, family, coffee and social media. It’s a round robin of my life and everything I love.

What is your favorite post you’ve written or your favorite series/type of post?

My favorite posts ever are the letters I’ve written to my daughters. This past Fall I ventured into outfit posts which was scary for a mom but I felt good and I love fashion. It’s a reminder to me how much baby weight I had to lose and I suppose I should feel proud of that! Moms can be fashionable, too!

What is something you wish you knew how to do related to blogging?

This is easy. I wish I knew how to use Photoshop. I make do but there is so much more you can do!!

Why did you start blogging?

I graduated with a degree in Journalism/English. It’s what I know and I needed a creative outlet really badly at that time in my life. It has and continues to give me peace of mind and truly, I’ve met wonderful people.

What is your favorite social platform?

Instagram 100%. Ask my husband because I’m always on it. I’m a visual person. I like to gather inspiration. Pinterest is a close second. And really, who wants to read all that…just show me the pictures!!

What are a few of your favorite Chicago blogs?

So many to choose from but here are a few: Stilettos & Diaper Bags, Red Soles & Red Wine, Helen Berkun, Love Zahra, and Tall Girl Tales.

  • zahra_sandberg

    I love Johanna’s blog! So great to see her featured here – I just sent in my application to join WCBC! Xx

  • Stephanie

    Really enjoyed learning more about Johanna… she’s super sweet and such a stylish mama!

  • acebow

    nice photo!