#WCBCChat Recap “Winning @ Pinterest”

This past Monday’s chat was discussing all things Pinterest. Being a very popular social media for not only bloggers, but anyone on the internet, we had lots to discuss. We have all been guilty of wanting to spend a few minutes browsing the “Popular Pins” section, then next thing you know, hours have passed.

We kicked off the chat by asking our members whether or not Pinterest is a good source of traffic for their site. Check out their answers below, and it will be pretty obvious that if you aren’t already putting content from your site onto Pinterest you should definitely start.

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Next, our members discussed their favorite thing about Pinterest… how could you pick just ONE?! Below you can find their answers…

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Just like all social media as well as blogging, consistency is key. With that being said, how often should you post to Pinterest? If you’re unsure, or if you would like to change your Pinterest habits, see what our members have to say as to how often they post!

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Along with the consistency of posting content, what sort of content do our readers pin? Their own content, other sites, a mix? Clearly from the answers below, our members repin frequently as well as pin from other blogs and their own sites.

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Pinterest is a great “online diary” of sorts… from storing favorite recipes to favorite outfits- it really does cover it all. But how often do you actually click through to the sites where the pins are coming from? Find out how often our members do from their answers below! Lesson learned: always click through to make sure it isn’t spam!

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When do our members log into Pinterest to do all this pinning?!

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Pinterest is the definition of a “visual search engine” (compliments of Windy City Co-Founder Erin for the term!). This means that pictures are such a key aspect of your pin. Wondering if you need to take Pinterest specific pictures? Read our members answers below and decide for yourself!

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When it comes to attracting attention to your pins themselves, unlike Instagram, hashtags are not all that useful. Don’t believe me? Read what our members have to say, along with the final consensus from Windy City Bloggers!

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Going along with gaining popularity on pins, what are some best ways to gain followers on Pinterest? Take some advice from our members and hopefully you’ll see that “Followers” number increase!

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Next, our members shared their complaints about Pinterest. Like I said, everything has it’s “but…”!

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Our members shared some of their favorite pinners to follow. We love all of our Windy City Bloggers on Pinterest!

That just about wrapped up our chat “Winning @ Pinterest.” You can join myself, Katie Kelly from Red Velvet Snow, and the other members next week for our next #WCBCChat. It starts at 7 pm cst on Twitter. Simply use the hashtag #wcbcchat in your tweets with your answers to the questions! Next Monday, 3/14, we are discussing Spring Trends! Yay for the fact that our mild winter is *hopefully* officially over!

Last but not least, become inspired by how our members are going to make their blogs better this week. Happy blogging, everyone!

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